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 FrEe LvL 8o Or HiGhEr RuNeScApE AcCoUnT PlZ

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iFaMouS x ReP

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PostSubject: FrEe LvL 8o Or HiGhEr RuNeScApE AcCoUnT PlZ   Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:44 pm

i ReAlLy DoNt GeT To PlAy RuNeScApE ThAt MuCh AnD i WoUlD ApPrEcIaTe It iF SoMeOnE CoUlD GiVe Me A LvL 8o Or HiGhEr AcCoUnT iT DoeSnT HaVe To Be A MeMbEr Or Be RicH JusT GoOd OvErAlL LeVeLS. iN ExChanGe i'LL GiVe YoU a LvL 78. Pm Me ThE UseRnAmE aNd PaSs.
MucH ResPecT ~ iFaMouS x ReP =]
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FrEe LvL 8o Or HiGhEr RuNeScApE AcCoUnT PlZ
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