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 I was just wondering...

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I was just wondering... Empty
PostSubject: I was just wondering...   I was just wondering... EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 4:44 am

Hey, I just joined this website after seeing the youtube video saying I could get a free runescape account at this website, and here is my reason why I think I deserve an account...

Way back when there was no trade prices or limits on trading I was hacked and lost 13m and all of my items. This happened 2 weeks before they placed the trade limits on the game. I was primarily a merchant and because he took all my money and items I had no way to make money, so I started to get my skills up. 2 months ago my level 113 with 10m in money and items got hacked and I lost the whole account. I have probably put 2-3 years of my time into that account and I was devastated and just completely gave up on the game, but then around 20 minutes ago when I saw the youtube video about getting a free account here, I saw a dim light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel.

I just thought it was worth a shot to come to this website. Because I truly love Runescape and want to start playing again, but I can't go through all that time again. I think I would go crazy.
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I was just wondering...
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